40 Light Aperitif ideas to make for your evenings with friends


Who says we can’t have fun when we’re on a diet? Get these nonsense out of your minds and check out this selection ofaperitifs light to do for your evenings with friends.

1.    Glass of cucumber, goat cheese and tomato mousse

Go for this aperitif light if you are looking for freshness and lightness.


2.    Salmon and spinach rolls

This is a delicious classic to enjoy with a cold drink. What good for the taste buds and the body!


3.    Aperitif bites of fig and raw ham

Are you a fan of original flavor combinations? This aperitif light will seduce you for sure.


4.    Eggplant bites with mozzarella

Treat yourself with this appetizer while paying attention to your line.


5.    Rolls of pancakes with smoked salmon

Why not opt for these small light rolls to decorate your aperitif tray?


6.    Guacamole with fresh onions

Banish the ready-made guacamole available in supermarkets and order this aperitif light.


7.    Light bricks with ricotta

Let yourself be seduced by this delicacy made from light brick leaves and ricotta.


8.    Ham rolls with fresh cheese

Burn your calories while giving yourself a aperitif light tasty by opting for white ham. These little bites will delight your fine palates!


9.    Mozzarella tomato verrine

What would a aperitif light without the famous glass of tomato mozzarella?


10. Salty cake light

Who has never fallen for the delicious lightened cakes? Succumb to this pleasure that is both greedy and low in caloric intake.


11. Vegetarian toast

This is a thin slice of light country bread with a few slices of tomatoes and mozzarella. Aromatic herbs are placed on it to bring more taste.


12. Bites of sweet pepper with fresh goat cheese

This combination of flavors has been a huge success! These small bites will bring color to your aperitif tray.


13. Grape bites with fresh cheese and pistachios

These small bites are very appreciated for their play of texture. They are also synonymous with freshness.


14. Scallops with spinach and coconut

Snack without guilt by ordering these peaks of scallops with spinach. These will bring a little note of exoticism to your aperitif!


15. Vitelotte’s chips

Say goodbye to the fat and salt packed crisps marketed in sachets and opt for these fresh vegetable crisps. Crispy and tasty… Everything you like!


16. Tzatziki bites with dried tomatoes

Who said that reconciling aperitif and slimming was impossible? Rest assured, with these bites of dried tomato tzatziki, you will have fun and snack without guilt.


17. Cream of peppers with cottage cheese on Swedish bread

To replace the much too caloric aperitif cookies, enjoy this cream of peppers with cottage cheese spread on Swedish bread.

18. Eggplant slimming mousse

What could be better than a slimming mousse to keep your line while feasting during a aperitif light ?


19. Cucumber, shrimp and coriander mousse

This small mousse presented in glassware combines gluttony, flavors and thinness.


20. Eggplant caviar

This is an excellent summer aperitif for your line. It is ideal for your Mediterranean evenings!


21. Light tuna mousse

Rich in taste, tuna mousse will delight your fine palates.


22. Vegetable salad in glassware

A great classic of slimming aperitifs, the salad of various vegetables is appreciated by all.


23. Light caramel melon balls

Lovers of sweets will be especially delighted with this light caramel aperitif.


24. Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese

Accompanied by a small arugula salad, this aperitif is a real delight for the taste buds.


25. Tomato and pesto appetizer spoons

These are slices of tomatoes and mozzarella topped with a delicious pesto sauce.

26. Tuna carpaccio with dill

Enjoy tuna in another way by tasting this carpaccio.


27. Salmon and spinach rolls

Discover a new version of the traditional salmon with spinach while enjoying this aperitif.


28. Sardine and mozzarella crostini

Succumb to the gourmet flavors of this aperitif! Consume it in small slices.


29. Cucumber roll with Swiss rolls and chicken

This is a delicious preparation made from chicken and rolls, wrapped in thin slices of cucumber.


30. Light club sandwich

Enjoy these delicious sandwiches made with vegetables.


31. Fresh cheese spread with cucumber and pink radish

This is a tartine that is both fresh and delicious.


32. Mini slimming wrap

Think of this aperitif for your evenings with friends.

33. Glass of asparagus, bell pepper and yoghurt sauce

There is nothing lighter than this small glass as an aperitif.


34. Avocado shrimp and grapefruit verrine

This light aperitif has always been a sure bet!


35. Crab and grapefruit verrine

Serve this glassware as an aperitif to delight your guests.


36. Small skewers of rosemary with peppers, eggplant and feta

Make way for these small rosemary skewers for a gourmet and light aperitif.


37. Tuna rillettes

This aperitif is both light and excellent for health.


38. Tomato appetizer with pickled salmon

Treat your guests with this tasty slimming aperitif.


39. Italian canapés with vegetables

Discover a beautiful taste experience by tasting these small canapés.


40. Pea and radish bruschetta

It is the perfect compromise between gluttony and fitness.