June 24

Decorate your interior with wood for a warm look

Long associated with a rather country or mountain world, wood offers many possibilities for decoration and landscaping. In all its forms, the wood used sparingly brings both warmth and modernity.

A modern and authentic decoration

Wood is an ideal material to give cachet to your interior, whether to adopt an industrial, Scandinavian or rustic style. We already knew it in the kitchens with the utensils and by small touches for table and wall decoration such as photo frames or other decorative object in driftwood. But it tends to take up more and more space in our interiors.


Classified into several categories according to their density, this quick classification should interest you if you like tailor-made :

  • light woods such as poplar, pine, fir ;
  • the best woods for creating furniture: walnut, teak or birch ;
  • classical woods: oak or ash ;
  • the most resistant over time: acacia, wenge, cedar.


This noble material can therefore be used both on the very construction of your home and in the smallest details of your decoration. Both aesthetic and varied, the essence of the wood chosen will bring you warmth and friendliness.

By the way, the wood reminds of nature and perfectly combines with any style.


Using the wooden tray for large and small decorations

The shades vary depending on the essence of the wood, a solid oak or rosewood top will not have the same color.

In raw or worked wood, round, square or rectangular, coffee table or dining table, the wood is available according to your desires :

  • as a meal tray ;
  • in turntable ;
  • in all-wood furniture ;
  • in wooden tray to be placed on top of the table with metal legs ;
  • made of wooden trestles with a transparent glass top ;
  • etc.


The right choice of furniture helps to give the room a soul. If you are having trouble coordinating the elements, be aware that a table in solid wood is always a good idea. Depending on the atmosphere to be given to your interior, the type of wood to be used will be done by itself. For an effect of light and grandeur, combine light-colored furniture with other pastel-colored elements, and instead favor warm colors for dark woods.


Restoring old furniture to its former glory

Finally, if you like to search for old wood objects or your grandmother bequeathed you her old dining room table or side table, before taking your saw to cut it and fuel your fireplace, try to evaluate the potential of this superb gift.


It is indeed quite possible to customize to make one table design and especially to your taste. If you are not afraid to do a little DIY and you have a creative mind, this mission should please you.

Before repainting or patinating your furniture, you will first need to prepare the wood by starting with sanding, filling any holes with wood paste. Also consider placing a tarpaulin or sheet to protect the floor. You will be able to keep the natural shade of the wood or paint it in the color of your choice by possibly adding stickers to completely makeover it.


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