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Ensure the restoration of its major events

A highlight of a reception, catering should not be neglected regardless of the form offered to guests. A not fresh food or an improperly prepared dish is enough to give a person a bad memory of your event.

The importance of catering for its events

Whether it is for professional events (such as company meals or seminars) or private (such as weddings or end-of-year parties), it is around a snack to share that the bonds are forged and the top of the moment of relaxation is launched.


Amuse-bouche, cocktail or buffet, the formulas are numerous and adaptable to your budget to delight the taste buds of your guests. But due to the number of guests, which can sometimes be quite large, you will not always have time to get down to business with this task, especially if you do not have culinary skill. To make your receptions an unforgettable moment with tasty small dishes, you will then have to carry out a catering search.


A catering service will indeed bring you many advantages :

  • the enhancement of fresh products ;
  • less stress for the organization of events ;
  • etc.

However, in order to ensure the qualities of this provider (especially for a wedding), it is recommended to conduct a catering tasting.

Proceed to a tasting of the selected caterer

Selected by recommendation (word of mouth), via specialized site or others, it is advisable to pre-select two or three caterers for the preparation of your event menu. According to your needs, the selected products as well as the added options (D-day service personnel for example), your event catering will provide you with a personalized quote for a turnkey formula.


In order to make sure that your wishes match the services offered by the cook, it is possible to organize a catering tasting. A common practice especially for a wedding reception, this service allows you to appreciate the quality products and the refinement of the caterer before your private reception.


This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the gourmet proposals what your event caterer could do for you for the dietary restrictions of some of your guests: vegan menu, children’s menu or other specificity.


A relationship based on trust and respect

Whether you have decided before your appointment the menu of your event or you are waiting for this assortment tasting to definitively choose the providers who will accompany you for your big day, we have some tips to share with you so that this operation takes place in the best conditions.


The first thing to remember is that a tasting is rarely free, so try to limit the number of people who will come to taste the catering kitchen in preview. It will also be important to specify the number of guests, the amount of each appetizer provided for by the formula, etc.


This festive moment must above all be in your image – valid for individuals and professionals – hence the importance of the right choice of caterer who will be able to offer you a tailor-made service with original and refined dishes if this is your wish. Traditional or gourmet cuisine, the choice upstream of your provider can already be made based on the catering card of the establishment.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the person you will have in front of you is above all human. Although tastes and colors are not discussed, if you have any remarks to make to your caterer, make them constructively.


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