May 17

Make the choice of a disposable tableware for her festivities!

To decorate a festive table, plastic tableware was the choice of many people. However, it is harmful to the environment. In order to reduce this scourge, the law on the energy transition estimates that by 2020, discount disposable tableware must be at least 50% compostable or bio-sourced! But what are the advantages of using these eco-friendly packaging?

Making the choice of biodegradable and eco-friendly tableware

Disposable plastic products have a lot of disadvantages compared to biodegradable disposable tableware. Why? Because plastic comes from petrochemicals and leads to the creation of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable waste, which is especially harmful to our environment. Beyond that, the use of plastic can have repercussions on health, due to the transfer of chemical substances to the food we consume or the drinks we drink.

A healthier and environmentally friendly alternative is the use of biodegradable or reusable disposable product. For appetizers, receptions and for parties in general (baptism, wedding table, birthdays), there is a wide choice of materials, which you can find in different colors :

  • There cardboard tableware available in the form of pizza boxes, cardboard cups, or cardboard plates ;
  • Plates, trays, straws, and cutlery made of polystyrene, in polypropylene or in PET;
  • Trays, meal trays, bowls, glassware or plates made of PLA and suitable for food contact for cold food ;
  • There discount tableware made of wood or bamboosuitable for microwave and available in different forms ;
  • Disposable cutlery and square or round plates, in sugarcane pulp or in bagasse, respectful of the law on green growth.

A whole assortment of disposable tableware: convenient for any festive event

The purpose of discount disposable tableware is to avoid any complicated logistics at the venue of your event. Do you have a lot of guests? Do you want to have a unique table decoration? For your picnics, your cocktail party, your wedding or your birthday, you can ask your caterers to provide a disposable tableware !

You will no longer have to worry about theft or breakage of glassware, as well as the risk of injury. In addition, in areas where access to washing cannot be guaranteed, the choice of a eco-friendly disposable tableware is a great asset. Even at home, to cope with improvised meals, and at Sunday family aperitifs, disposable small plates are perfect! They also have the advantage of being combined with table runners and tablecloths of the same material for a unique table decoration!

After the festivities or meals are over, it will only be enough to put the disposable dishes in the trash, in the selective sorting bin or in the composter.

Disposable tableware: economical for professionals and individuals

The choice of disposable dishes can also be economic. Indeed, not all of us have a cupboard full of fifty or even a hundred cutlery to receive our guests. With a disposable tableware, no need for a big investment to have a good time with loved ones and set a beautiful table. It allows to vary styles since it is no longer limited to the classic white-colored dishes!

As professionals, the choice of disposable tableware at a low price is also an important plus of the budget. The cost of dishes as well as its processing will be more affordable and will allow to focus on other aspects of the festivities!


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