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Satisfy the demands of its customers in terms of takeaway

The vast majority of customers give preference to the purchase of ready-made takeaway food. That is why catering professionals must offer trays to easily transport meals. There are several kinds of them but still it is necessary to make the best choice for the packaging and preservation of food.

The food tray: Essential for take-out

The tray is a disposable food packaging, designed in multiple materials and which is used by catering professionals to simplify the delivery of dishes. This packaging also allows the customer to transport his dishes. There are different sizes and multiple shapes to suit all needs.

If the round food packaging convenient for rapid cooling of food, square or rectangular packaging makes it possible to optimize storage space.

As for the size, prefer small trays for children’s menus, and quite spacious models for home delivery.

The best food trays for packaging dishes

In the catering and fast food sector, there is a wide choice of trays. If most of them are made of plastic, others decide to opt for eco-design.

Cardboard trays: Biodegradable and design

This eco-friendly trays are increasingly used in the food field. With the rise of the nature conservation and from ecology, the use of cardboard is experiencing a sharp increase. It is a biodegradable material therefore, not harmful to the environment. In addition, it has anti-fat properties.

The kraft cardboard used is suitable for food contact. For fatty products like donuts or French fries, this type of tray is the must! Why? Because it keeps the crispness of the preparations. On the contrary, plastic trays tend to soften the fries.

The aluminum tray: To keep food warm

The single-use aluminum tray is perfect for transporting and storing dishes. Light, malleable and resistant, it allows ready meals to stay warm the whole way. This is the type of packaging that is indispensable in fast food and can even be used as a “doggy bag” in classic restaurants.

The plastic food tray: A multifunctional airtight packaging

The plastic food tray is the ideal packaging because it combines lightness and solidity. A polypropylene tray for example (PP plastic) keeps your dish at room temperature. In addition, it is suitable for the microwave.

It can also be used for service of cold dishes like salads, or sushi. It is possible to order them with a transparent lid or not, so that the customer has a clear view of the contents.

The plastic tray can even have one compartment or several, depending on the dishes; and can be heat sealable.

You can combine your tray with disposable tableware such as cutlery, disposable cup and paper towels. It is more convenient for customers who eat on the go!

The wooden tray: Without endocrine disruptors or harmful substances

Ecological issues require restaurateurs to use compostable, recyclable or reusable utensils. Wooden trays meet all these criteria.

For professionals in the sector, it is a natural packaging made to protect and enhance food products. At the level of presentation, it confers a contemporary design that will seduce any customer.

The wooden trays can be sealed and used for cooking or reheating certain dishes!

In addition, the wood is also used to make other utensils such as plates, pots, bowls, trays or cutlery.

The advantages of the food tray

The food tray is available in several shapes: square, round, oblong, rectangular … thus simplifying its adaptation to all uses and various food conditions. It can be with an independent lid or with a hinge. For hot or cold storage, it has multiple advantagesΒ :

  • Microwave compatibility

The tray, whether plastic, PLA or bamboo, is designed in complying with all sanitary standards both for Man and the planet. Some models are even suitable for use in the microwave, without health risks.

  • Adaptability to cold

Basic, the food tray is suitable for all cold preparations. It can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer with your dishes.

The tray is also used to keep your food warm. Wherever you go, you are sure to enjoy your dishes.

  • Indispensable in the restaurant

The tray is a very practical item in a restaurant. It simplifies the conservation of foodstuffs as well as their flavor.

It is even a must for food delivery and takeaway sales.

  • A better taste experience

In order to guarantee an excellent taste experience to customers, it is essential to offer superior quality equipment, especially for food packaging. The tray meets strict criteria in terms of transport and from storage.

It is possible to add greaseproof paper for greasy dishes, to choose a charcuterie tray for French fries or to add a transparent lid for sushi.

  • Various materials available

The food tray is available in several models: the plastic tray, the PET tray, the bamboo tray, palm or sugarcane pulp.

The trays designed in natural materials are recyclable and biodegradable. It will therefore not pollute the environment.

For plastic, it is the PLA that will replace it because it is much healthier.


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