Take care of your body with a detox treatment

Detox water is a mineral water to which fresh fruits and vegetables, lemon, spices or fresh herbs have been added. At the base, it remains water, but in a version richer in flavor and more fragrant. Excellent for health, refreshing and pleasant in the mouth, we never get tired of it!

The detox water: The ally of all those who take care of their body

The detox water delights the most greedy of us. And for good reason, it’s just water, but to which various ingredients have been added. By macerating, the ingredients will release vitamin (vitamin c, a, e…) and antioxidant to make a detox cocktail. Yes, it is a makeover that we need, especially our liver (too mistreated by junk food, sodas, fruit juices or cocktails).

In addition, the multiple recipe ideas have something to please us. They encourage us to drink water, without rushing to the hidden calories of smoothies.

The preparation of a detox water

It’detox water to hydrate is perfect. You don’t need a juice extractor or a blender to enjoy this type of drink. A cutting board, a knife, a decanter or a jar, as well as your ingredients will be enough.

  • Infuse its detoxifying water

Once you have prepared and cut your ingredients, you will put them in the water and you must let it brew in the refrigerator. It will only take you an hour for the water to be flavored. Whatever it is recommended to leave overnight so that the ingredients can make their effect.

Rich in benefits, if you start a detox treatment, expect to repeat the recipe several times. Indeed, this drink is kept only two to three days in the fridge at most. Guaranteed without preservatives, it will only do you good.

Detox water and weight loss: does it work?

It is important to note that just because you drink detox water does not mean that you will lose weight. Alone, detox does not make you lose weight. Its role is toeliminate toxins, to help digestion, to purify an organism. It thus accompanies any change in her eating habits.

But keep in mind that it’s just water. It can be drunk throughout the day and has diuretic effects. To lose weight, it is necessary eating balanced and engage in sports activity.

The best ingredients for your detox drink

The good thing about detox water is that all combinations are possible. The trick to make the taste pleasant (given that it is a sugar-free drink) is to add spice or sheet such as rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, thyme, basil or verbena. Exotic fruits also bring a fruity flavor to your drink.

In any case, the choice of ingredients will be made according to your expectations: for the liver, we will recommend citrus fruitsΒ ; to have a flat stomach, the cucumber cut into rings, green tea or mint work wonders; to combat fat cells and eliminate cellulite, the guarana or artichoke; to stimulate transit, watermelon is recommended.

To sweeten your detox drink, you can add honey or vanilla. It will be all the more delicious. And if you want to add red fruits to your drink, blueberries are perfect. Why? They are rich in anthocyanins, pigments that have antioxidant and protective properties.