July 20

Towards the replacement of plastic with cardboard for food packaging

At a time of global warming and other ecological issues, it is no longer possible to ignore the impact of single-use plastic in our daily consumption. Difficult to recycle, rarely biodegradable, it should be preferred to greener materials. Cardboard in all its forms is also the preferred material to replace it.

Problems related to the use of plastic

The first problem raised by the use of tableware and plastic cups is a concern forenvironmental impact. Plastic waste, even when it is recyclable (such as PET for example), still pollutes a lot because it is often thrown into the regular trash can and is only very little recommended for use in catering. And given the constantly growing production of waste, it is essential to change the methods to participate in the energy transition.


The other problem of plastic use concerns the health and the presence of bisphenol in the production of many plastics. This chemical substance poses a real danger to the health of consumers. Although plastics with any trace of bisphenol A are now banned in food packaging, it is often replaced by bisphenol S – the non-toxicity of which has not yet been demonstrated.


Prefer cardboard that can be more easily recycled and that is biodegradable and sometimes even compostable (to simply throw in your compost bin at home). Whether it is produced from bamboo wood or from kraft cardboard, the cardboard tumbler will make you forget about your white or transparent plastic cups.


Cardboard cups suitable for all types of drinks

If we mistakenly think that the offer of cardboard is not as extensive as that of plastic where we have a wide choice among which we find unbreakable plastic and rigid plastic, know that there is also a wide range of cardboard, to name only flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard.


If any kind of cardboard tumbler easily lends itself to the role of containers for cold drinks, for hot drinks it is better to give preference to those made from thick corrugated cardboard. They are usually equipped with a double wall which allows you to handle them easily despite the fact that they contain a hot drink. Most petrol stations, restaurants and fast food outlets offering takeaway coffee have already adopted cardboard.


Fast food is getting on the bandwagon

The world of fast food has long taken into consideration ecological concerns and have followed suit by adopting a eco-responsible approach.  They have indeed reduced their use of plastic by banning the plastic cup in favor of the cardboard cup for their drinks and sodas of all kinds. Another approach taken by the fast food industry is also to abandon the use of plastic straws, to favor the use of cardboard straws that are much more environmentally friendly.


It is therefore important for professionals in the catering and food industry in general to follow this example of fastfoods and participate in these positive movements for the environment and promote the green growth. In addition, being also customizable like their plastic equivalent, it will always be possible for you to have printed cardboard cups.


Unless you have the means to set up a reusable cup system against setpoint, in a growing company, the choice of cardboard cup is the most suitable. And by visiting professionals in the sale of disposable products, you can even save money by choosing models at discount prices but still eco-responsible.


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