About Us

Delivery of Alcohol Mississauga was founded in 2005 as an internet advertisement for beer delivery. We started as a one-page ad advertising beer delivery in Mississauga.

We rapidly saw the internetโ€™s potential, and within a year, we had a complete online purchasing experience. The worldโ€™s first online beer delivery platform was launched in 2005!

Our objective has been to provide order, strength, trust, and a high degree of service quality to an industry that has existed in the past but was not always seen positively. There are several Dial A Bottles in Ontario, but to be honest, every firm utilizes that name. Dial A Bottle has become associated with the service, much like Kleenex has with the tissue. If you call ten different Dial A Bottles phone numbers, youโ€™ll almost certainly get a different firm each time.

We began spreading across the province once our base was in place.

Along the process, weโ€™ve worked with many businesses to give our clients the greatest service and discounts possible.

Unlike our rivals, we do not artificially increase product prices by 20-30%. Our shipping fee is the only fee youโ€™ll see from us.

So stay tuned, and let us assist you with your upcoming party, dinner, celebration, or Covid-19 Thursday night.

Thank you, and I hope to see you again soon!

Fastest Delivery in Mississauga!

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