Choose durable and attractive cardboard boxes for your deliveries

Kraft box: Must-have packaging for meal delivery services

Kraft Box: Discover the advantages of using a kraft box for your home delivery services. A fashionable container that has more than one trick in its bag!

It’s no longer a secret for anyone: good packaging is an important element in the marketing of consumer products. It determines the decision of a customer to buy or not the product. It is also used to market a brand. The kraft box fulfills these conditions with the added advantage of being an environmentally friendly product. And with the advent of new consumption patterns in the restaurant industry, kraft cardboard packaging has simply become a must-have.

Uber Eats, how does it work?

They meal ordering applications have been steadily developing over the past ten years. To keep up with the current trend and meet the needs of consumers, many restaurants have therefore affiliated with this type of meal delivery services. Uber Eats is one of the applications that has the most users today.

Originally published as Uber is a ride-sharing app between individuals. With their own vehicle, individuals take other individuals listed on their itinerary. Payments are made only through the application.

Uber has kept this spirit of using luxury vehicles, but has expanded its service to catering: fast food, takeaway and catering, by creating Uber Eats. The application allows delivery partners (drivers) to use their car to collect food from participating restaurants and deliver it to customers.

The customer must start with download the app or visit the Uber Eats website. He will choose from the partner restaurants, cafes, fast-food restaurants or catering services that are included. A space allows to refine the searches by introducing a keyword designating the type of cuisine, the name of a particular dish that he wants to taste.

Once the order is placed, it can track the progress of your orderΒ : restaurant preparation work, packaging and estimated delivery time. The application will then switch to a map application showing the delivery partner en route on the map to the delivery address indicated by the customer.

Any payment (restaurant, delivery driver, caterer) is made only via Uber Eats.

The different kraft box options for your deliveries

They Uber Eats partner restaurants promote the use of kraft boxes to have their meals delivered. This is an excellent food packaging because the boxes areΒ :

  • hermetic,
  • watertight
  • rigid and impact resistant.

Thus making it possible to transport food safely.

There is a wide range of this type on the market food packaging.

In the first place, there are the kraft boxes specially designed for bakeries, chocolate shops and pastry shops. This kind of kraft cardboard box most often looks like a small gift box. Cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and pastries line up perfectly inside the box. Some models, often rectangular or square in shape, have a cutout on the lids. These transparent plastic windows make it possible to devour the contents with the eyes. These boxes are also very practical for fast food professionals for packaging French fries, hamburger or sandwich.

Then, there is the food box, a little larger. It is mainly used to hold meal trays and hot dishes. This type of containers is equipped with different compartments, the contents are separated, thus offering a beautiful presentation. On the one hand salads, on the other pasta or sautΓ©ed potatoes and finally in the last compartment desserts. There are models that have a compartment specially designed to hold a tumbler.

Finally, there are the high quality cardboard packaging that can withstand heavy foods such as wine bottles or olive oil. This packaging in rigid cardboard is a quality packaging that is also suitable for those who sell and deliver via Uber Eats from jars of jam or jelly. These food packaging can be used as gift boxes to offer customers. Sometimes provided with double spline, this type of kraft box is sturdy. It properly protects glass bottles and fragile jars so that your products arrive intact and safely at your customers. If you offer drinks in packs, there are handle bottle holders made of kraft. Ranges in pack of 4 or pack of 6 are available.

What are the advantages of kraft packaging boxes?

For restaurateurs, Uber Eats partners, the first advantage of a kraft box is that it is fully customizable. Available in different sizes, the kraft box is a custom cardboard packaging. You can order the size and shape of your choice. Then choose to go affix your logo for effective advertising of your sign with consumers. More and more professionals in the food business are seeing their turnover take off by opting for a custom kraft paper packaging box.

Kraft paper packaging boxes are foldable and stackable. Because of this, they do not take up too much space in your storage store.

The kraft box is made from recycled cardboard. Chemical-free, she appears to be the ideal packaging which does not pose any danger to food contact. Even the printing of logos is done with natural inks. The kraft box is environmentally friendly. This is her main asset of seduction. With its characteristics recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, kraft packaging has established itself in the food packaging market. Pushing restaurateurs to abandon single-use plastic packaging, real scourges for the planet.

Another advantage of the kraft box: its price. If the kraft paper packaging box has become the new favorite of catering professionals, is that its cost is relatively low.

With its popularity coast today, the younger generation mistakenly thinks that kraft packaging is a recently invented product. In fact, kraft paper was used since the 30s and has always been the subject of improvement. Today, several variants of the kraft bag exist. And at a time when delivery services like Uber Eats are more and more in demand, our kraft box has not finished making the talk of it.