Consume quality mineral water for your health

Among the wide choice of water intended for consumption, the mineralized waters are exceptional. Because of their therapeutic properties, it is still important to choose the best mineral water suitable for your body. Find out in the following article our tips for choosing the ideal mineral water according to your needs.

Mineral water and its characteristics

Mineral water is characterized by its natural purity and stable composition and rich in trace elements. According to the Academy of Medicine, this is the only water that has properties that are favorable for the health of the human organism.

Being of underground origin, the natural mineral water is collected in depth from a source that is preserved from human pollution. It therefore does not require any specific treatment before it is bottled at the source. 

Natural spring waters, mineral waters or sparkling mineral waters … All are subject to regular monitoring for ensuring water quality in order to satisfy consumers.


Natural mineral waters: Labels to decrypt

Mineral water has long been considered a medicated water, should be consumed in moderation. It is important to be able to discern the different categories of mineral waters :

  • Mineral water rich in calcium (Ca), with a concentration of more than 120 mg/L, suitable for pregnant women or menopause; It can also cure osteoporosis ;
  • Mineral water rich in sodium, with a concentration of more than 360 mg/L, favorable for digestion by maintaining excellent hydration of the body ;
  • Mineral water rich in sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), with a concentration of more than 600 mg/L, high content in sparkling water, reduces the level of acid in the body, ensures good hydration and reduces muscle fatigue for athletes ;
  • Mineral water rich in magnesium (Mg), with a concentration of more than 56 mg/L, very famous for being an anti-stress and treats constipation; On the other hand, distrust! excessive consumption can cause diarrhea or spasms.

As you may have guessed, you need to know the needs of your body to choose the best suitable mineral water. 

Balancing mineral waters for guaranteed health

Due to their composition, mineral waters should not be consumed excessively. Unbalanced consumption of mineral water can lead to more or less serious disorders for the body. In order to ensuring a better balance, it is essential to take care to vary them frequently. 

For people with kidney stones, the weakly mineralized waters are to be preferred. A daily consumption of at least 2L of water low in minerals ensures a dilution of the urine to prevent it from crystallizing. Then natural spring water may be suitable for this category of people. Similarly, tap water is suitable.

For infants, then it is necessary avoid waters with high mineralization. Natural still water is highly recommended for its neutral and naturally healthy property. 


Is tap water a reliable alternative for consumption?

According to experts, tap water is excellent refreshing drinks. Their small chlorinated flavor comes from the treatment system that is used to eliminate microbes. Although the city water undergoes a specific treatment originally, it does not lose its composition. 

But the tap water is known for its neutrality, that is why it does not have the same virtues as natural mineral waters. 

On the market, a wide selection ofquality mineral water is offered to you. In order to choose the best mineral water, be especially interested in the one that suits your needs with a better value for money. After all, the budget is an important criterion for choosing your ideal water, so as not to have to spend too much money on water consumption.