Practical and environmentally friendly disposable tableware

Whether it’s sales professionals or individuals, the use of disposable items should be done in a thoughtful way. Ecological awareness and changes in the law are leading us towards responsible consumption, gradually abandoning prohibited products.

The challenge of disposable tableware for catering professionals

The ever faster rhythms of life of our modern societies have naturally led to the development of fast food for a meal taken on the go. The sandwich, fast food or other flagship take-away food market has also developed the use of single-use food packaging.


In addition to their usefulness as tableware and the function facilitating the transport of processed food, disposable tableware is customizable and thus makes it possible to mark the brand’s customers more strongly. The packaging of the product being as important as the content, the personalized tumbler (for a take-away drinks sign for example) becomes a advertising tool and therefore should not be neglected.


Straw, tray, plastic cutlery or plastic bottles are all waste that may end up in the oceans. These disposable products therefore have a environmental impact alarm. Fortunately, the ton of waste generated per year by this market has led to the creation of biodegradable, compostable or recyclable products as an alternative to plastic.


The cardboard tumbler to reduce environmental pollution

Among the widely used disposable products, the disposable cup is positioned quite well. With a varied capacity, it allows both to effectively maintain the temperature for hot and cold drinks. Plastic cup or cardboard cup, the second category is gaining momentum at the time of coffee break.


The cardboard cup indeed has many advantages :

  • lighter than the plastic version, it does not bend even when filled ;
  • the customization of the product makes it attractive;
  • the wide range of product available according to the uses: cardboard cup with different layers for its insulating capacity ;
  • less bulky than a mug because it is stackable ;



But the biggest argument in favor of the cardboard cup is the ecological argument. It is reusable. Using a little imagination, a disposable cardboard cup, for example, can be used as a flower pot in the kitchen.

Finally, the cup is recyclable. If the thin layer of plastic present inside the cardboard cups has long made doubt the eco-friendly aspect of the product, recycling companies have now developed a know-how to separate the two materials.


Giving a second life to the recyclable disposable product

The awareness of the life cycle disposable equipment generates a greater commitment to “after” use. It makes it possible to strive for zero waste consumption and when it comes to the environment, there are no small actions.


The example of the diversion of the initial function of the object (goblet in flower pot) is just one example among many. A cardboard plate can be used in plastic arts, a decorated glass to make a table decoration.

The other possibility – if you don’t have the creative fiber – is to recycle. Only one precaution to take to make the cardboard recyclable: empty it before putting it in the sorting bin.

The material can be recycled about ten times before the fiber degrades. Recycled cardboard makes it possible to give life to new food packaging, shoe boxes, furniture or even decorative objects.