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Which Spiced Rum Is The Best?

Spiced rum is one of the most popular rum varieties available. This spirit has a particular smoothness and strength that makes it a favorite with newcomers and seasoned drinkers alike.

Spiced rum is one of the most well-known subcategories of alcohol. Whiskey includes subcategories such as Tennessee whiskey and Scotch whiskey, but other than that, vodka is vodka, gin is gin, and so on.

Spiced rum has only been on the market for a few decades, although rum has been commercially accessible for hundreds of years. Therefore, it’s impossible to say when the spiced form of rum initially appeared, although Captain Morgan was one of the first to do so. In 1984, this brand launched its first spiced rum in the United States.

There are now several brands dedicated solely to the production of spiced rum. Clove, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, citrus fruit, nutmeg, and ginger are the most prevalent spices used in this kind of rum. However, as the rum industry grows, several firms deviate from traditional spices and invent their flavorings.

In certain circumstances, the addition of additives is seen as a way to hide flaws in the product. With the addition of different tastes to spiced rums, the purity of the product may easily be preserved. Cheap sweeteners and sugars should be avoided as additions.

Spiced rum is an excellent drink for those who enjoy darker spirits. Continue reading with Alcohol Delivery Mississauga to learn about the greatest spiced rums.


Despite the recent flood of spiced rums into the market, adding fruit and spices to rum has been practiced for generations, especially in the Caribbean. To give their rums more taste, the islanders have long utilized additives.

Fruit, fish, insects, and even raw meat were employed as spices by the early spiced rum manufacturers. They made do with whatever they could find.

Spiced rums may now be found in abundance at Caribbean rum stores. Spiced rum manufacturers on the island, unlike in the United States, use the bark and root of Bois Bande trees, which are said to be potent aphrodisiacs.


Rum has always had a position among the different spirits throughout history. Despite its origins in the Caribbean, the drink was first mass-produced in the United States in the 18th century.

It took several years for it to take off. However, this spirit expanded slowly and steadily, overcoming many roadblocks on its way to prominence.

For one thing, the Sugar Act of 1754, which led to the start of the American Revolution, had a significant impact on its output. Sugar cane, the basic component of rum, was crucial to the prosperity of the American colonies. The colonies’ economy was severely harmed when Great Britain levied this tariff on the produce.

Then, during Prohibition, rum became fully illegal. The popularity of the spirit skyrocketed on the illegal market at this time. It quickly became one of the country’s most sought-after spirits. Rumrunners were those who smuggled the booze.

In many countries, rum is regarded as a cultural emblem. Rum holds a special place in the hearts of many individuals who see it as more than just an alcoholic beverage. Rum, for example, is used in Jamaica to fend off bad spirits known as “Duppies.” Many people in the nation regard it as holy. Rum can also be used to bless the deceased and christen newborn babies. This liquor is also used medicinally in Jamaica to treat colds.

Even in Australia, people like their rum, to the point where it was employed as a kind of payment.

However, in 1808, the government decided to remove rum from the list of recognized currencies. Consequently, the Australian people practically toppled their government, resulting in the Rum Rebellion.


Cruzan just released Cruzan Nine, a new spiced rum. This vanilla and cinnamon-spiced rum are perfect for sipping. It has a minty aftertaste and is medium-bodied. This drink goes nicely with sodas, but it may also be enjoyed straight up.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a good alternative for individuals who prefer stronger spirits. This is a little stronger than your normal rum, with proof of 94. Coffee, caramel, and toffee flavors are included in this drink. It’s a product of the Caribbean.

You can’t go wrong with the classics when you’re in doubt. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum was one of the first spiced rums to hit the mainstream. And there’s a reason why this product hasn’t sold out yet.

The recipe combines vanilla and caramel with less than a gram of sugar to achieve a smooth, medium-bodied finish. In North America, this is the most popular spiced rum.

Blackbeard Spiced Rum is a terrific choice for those who prefer tropical overtones. This is the oldest spiced rum in the Ministry of Rum database, matured for four years. The St. Kitts Rum Firm has a subsidiary company called Blackbeard. This rum is the most recent addition to the brand’s line of flavored rums.


We also recommend the following spiced rums:

  1. Bacardi Gold
  2. Bacardi White Rum
  3. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum


Aside from spiced rums, there are dark or black rums, light or white rums, spiced or flavored rums, and aged rums to choose from.

In truth, any rum that isn’t white rum may be branded as dark rum because there aren’t many requirements, and it could just be tinted a deeper hue. Rums with a deeper hue have often been aged for several years.

Light or white rums have a gentler taste profile and a lighter body than other rums. The majority of white rums are 80 proof. As a result, they’re a frequent cocktail component.

Rums that are spiced or flavored are precisely what they sound like. Spiced or flavored rum is created by adding additional spices or flavor to a standard rum. Pineapple rum and coconut rum are two popular flavored rums.


Aged rums are rums that have spent a significant amount of time in an oak barrel. Rums can be aged for several decades. This method is said to impart additional layers of flavor and texture to the spirit.

Just because rum is called “white” doesn’t mean it hasn’t matured. On the other hand, just because rum is branded “dark” doesn’t indicate its age.

Because of the way rum is made, this misunderstanding exists. When any spirit is distilled, it takes on a clear tint comparable to that of white rum. Darker rums get their color from the time they spend in casks.

Some manufacturers, however, use charcoal filters to remove the color from their aged rums. As a result, merely looking at rum will not reveal whether it is aged or not.


It’s no surprise that spiced rums have grown so popular due to all of these fantastic possibilities.

There are also a lot of inexpensive bottles available. Nowadays, finding a good spirit at a fair price is difficult. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to discover a bottle that fits your needs.

For a long time, spiced rums have dominated the rum market. However, some people prefer unadulterated rum over-spiced or flavored rums.

At times, the alcohol market may be somewhat volatile. But one thing is certain: we’re on our way to a rum-filled future.

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