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Organizing an event is not easy task to do! Cocktails, breakfast, sweets, macaron, canapés, breads, couscous, paella, prawns, meats, duck breast, foie gras, smoked salmon, terrine, verrines of small vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, skewers or barbecue, cakes, mounted piece, desserts etc …. At an organized event, one of the main things that your guests remember is the quality of the food. That is why, making this item a top priority in order to find the perfect menus is highly recommended. Whether for weddings, receptions, professional events, private events, private receptions, a christening, the end of year celebrations, cocktail dinners … calling on a professional event caterer is one of the best options. However, this task should not be taken lightly as it will enhance your image. Thus, if you do not take the time to choose the right restaurateur for your event, it will negatively impact the organization of your party and will spoil your unforgettable moment.

Discover in this guide some tips to choose a professional team for your event.

What kind of event do you want to organize?

Before embarking on the search for a service Alcohol Delivery, ask yourself what kind of event you want to organize, wedding reception, private receptions, business meals, seminars, brunch, baptism, birthday, communion, team-building, corporate meals or even for a simple family meal. This will help you determine the type of catering or event catering company to look for and hire.

There are three main types of catering services, namely :

         The reception service : this is the least expensive option, which usually includes cocktails and appetizers that guests eat while standing during the event.

         The buffet service : the second cheapest option, where the guests serve themselves and can choose between a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

         The table service or sit-down meal option: the most expensive option, where guests sit at the table and are served by catering staff members.

The points to consider to find the right caterer

There are a variety of catering companies on the market, and each of them has its own specificities, although they all offer tailor-made services. But while doing your research, the following are to consider :

         The size of the company :

During your search, make sure that the Lyon caterer you hire is able to welcome and serve all the guests participating in your party, regardless of their number of guests. Note that for that 3 staff members will not be able to serve 250 people.

         The location :

Consider the reception room where your event is going to take place before looking for a professional caterer. A local caterer is therefore recommended, because in addition to knowing the place, he is not likely to be late when the D-Day has arrived. You can also find a catering restaurant that can accommodate your guests in their restaurants and offers a service for individuals and professionals, this will save you the rental of room and the rental of dishes, plates etc…

         Budget :

Evaluate in advance the budgets that you want to allocate to the organization of your event. This will help you a lot to refine your search. Also try to find a catering company in Lyon that offers good value for money and offers different formulas. You can also request a personalized quote from a few service providers and compare catering quotes.

The criteria that a good caterer from France will have

Have the ability to handle the type of event in question

It is important to ask enough questions to determine if a caterer has the required competence to organize your private reception or for your wedding. It should be noted that each caterer specializes in a particular field, so even a caterer with a high reputation is not necessarily the one that suits you best.

Have familiarity with the type of event you want to organize

You may have unpleasant surprises if you hire caterers from France specializing in the preparation of takeaway food to organize a corporate party. Or if you choose a high-end Lyon catering service for a wedding in a barn. Therefore, before hiring the caterer, talk to the caterer enough to find out what event he is used to organizing.