Opt for personalized cups to contribute to the success of a professional event

MT : Plastic cup: economical and functional

MD: Plastic cup: resistant, this must-have for professional events allows both hot and cold drinks to be served.

Whether at a private event or for a professional event, the choice of dishes is an important step. If some care about the environmental impact disposable plates, others are betting on practicality and economy by opting for plastic plates and reusable plastic cups. In addition to being customizable, the latter are appreciated for their versatility. They are useful for serving drinks but can also be used for takeaway sale ice cream or desserts. What are the different types of plastic cups and what is the point of using a reusable cup? Elements of response.

The interest in choosing plastic cup

For the success of an event, whether private or professional, choosing an original tableware is essential to conquer the hearts of your guests. If the classic models made of glass and porcelain are more expensive, the new concept of reusable plastic cups seduced more and more. In addition to being practical, they are also economical. For learn more on the various models of plastic cups, you can find on the market a wide variety of forms of food packaging and bioplastic cups. Like the single-use containers, there are indeed plastic cups that can be reused and recycled.

Disposable or reusable plastic cup?

They reusable plastic objects are designed to be durable and functional. In particular, they can be used several times before being thrown away. Washable plastic cups also contribute to the reduction of polluting waste. PLA or bioplastic is made from 100% plant ingredients. Made from corn starch, it is one of the biodegradable materials. In addition, you can use your reusable cup to serve hot drinks and hold juice for your business events.

What are the different types of plastic cups?

In recent years, the actions taken to take care of the planet have been multiplying. That is why the plastic material used to design the cups is no longer the one that takes 1000 years to decompose. Nowadays, many manufacturers rely on biodegradable plastic, which has the advantage of degrading naturally. There is also the so-called plastic compostable cup designed based on natural raw materials. This eco-friendly cups are fully recyclable just like the bamboo cups or the cardboard cups.

What are the plastic cups available on the market?

Plastic cups are increasingly in demand for various private and professional events. It is no coincidence that designers are redoubling their creativity to imagine modern and reusable cups, while preserving the environment. For birthday parties, these are the clear rigid plastic cups who are the stars of the celebration. The models in white plastic also have the coast for private events. Those who want to play the originality card can choose the personalized tumbler. For professionals, there is no shortage of choice between simple containers for cold drinks and cups with lids for hot drinks.

Plastic cups: for what events?

Plastic cups are used both in private and professional settings. For private events, the organizers opt for the unbreakable PET plastic containers for birthday parties, weddings, end-of-year celebrations or baptisms. In the professional setting, transparent plastic cups are often invited to serve coffee and fruit juice atΒ :

  • business seminarsΒ ;
  • workshopΒ ;
  • symposium.

What are plastic cups for?

Plastic cups are durable accessories that can adapt to different uses. Many professionals use them to preserve hot drinks. With or without a flat lid, some cups are able to keep the temperature of drinks much longer. They plastic cups can also contain cold drinks as well as desserts and granites.

Advantages of plastic cups

If it is desired to reduce the amount of waste, the single-use plastic begins to lose its notoriety. There are now cups that are both reusable and recyclable. This is also their main advantage, containers designed to preserve the environment and reduce plastic waste. In addition, plastic containers are appreciated for their lightness, strength and practicality. Just like the cardboard tumbler, the plastic model is fully customizable. Each container can be customized according to the event to be celebrated.