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Replace your kitchen utensils with more environmentally friendly equivalents

MT : Wooden utensil: Sorting in your kitchen

MD: Wooden utensil: Come to think of it, the kitchen is full of multiple accessories that are not very environmentally friendly.

When we look at the side of kitchen tools, we notice that it consists of products that are harmful to our environment: between plastic spatula, teflon pans, straws and plastic cutlery … What if for once, we changed our habits? What if we replaced the meat fork, plastic strainers, plates and other utensils with eco-friendly tools? Here are the green alternatives to any kitchen accessory.

Select wooden bakeware

When we buy our kitchen accessories : spoons, ladle, fork, and other small utensils, we instantly lean towards plastic. Still, it’s not too late if you want to change your bad habits. For the most common ones like the whisk, knives, cutting board or salad cutlery, the wood is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly choice.

In addition to being non-polluting, it is always more aesthetic to have beautiful olive wood dishes or a wooden spoon with a design look.

It’wooden utensil is the new trend of tableware!

Glass containers in your kitchen

In the kitchen, replace your tupperware with containers of stoneware or glass, closing with wrap paper. It will be a fabric that will be impregnated with beeswax, perfect for jars, and replacing lids made of plastic or aluminum foil.

To keep your food in bulk such as cookies, pasta or lentils, the glass jars are perfect. You can buy conservation jars or pick up jars purchased at mass distribution. This will allow you to recycle glass intelligently.

Using bamboo straws

Plastic straws are not insignificant sources of pollution. Billions are marketed every day. Between morning coffees, summer aperitifs and other cocktails of all kinds, they simply slip into our glasses. However, they take time to degrade.

You can therefore replace them with compostable and biodegradable paper equivalents at home, made of stainless steel, starch or glass. Our favorite? The bamboo straw. The bamboo is a durable material, which will adapt to multiple climates and grows quickly. It does not need fertilizers or phytosanitary products.

And if we choose recycled equivalents?

Do you know that our cake molds, our pans and our pans, are made from teflon, which contains endocrine disruptors? These are highly carcinogenic products, responsible for multiple genital formations. In addition, when the temperature reaches 230 ° C, teflon can be very toxic.

An interesting alternative remains cast iron and stainless steel. Both of these materials are much healthier and stronger.

If before, there were no kitchen utensils made with recycled materials, the Tefal brand launches the So Recycled range: a range of utensils for your culinary preparations based on recycled materials. This range is made of 100% recycled aluminum. This makes it possible to consume 90% less CO2. In addition, it is more durable and sturdy, if we compare it with the classic metal.

A glass or wooden coffee maker: We’re trying!

Rather than buying an electric coffee maker, why not buy a greener model ? There are coffee makers that are made of glass, wood with a touch of leather. These are coffee makers, like those at Chemex, working with a simple paper filter and hot water.

Not only is the flavor of the coffee simply exquisite, but in addition, the coffee maker will stand proudly on your worktop, with its chic and aesthetic look.

Eating out with eco-friendly dishes

Between plastic cups, bottles or tupperware, eating outdoor is not really an ecological operation. This is a great reason to opt for more environmentally friendly equivalents.

For your travels, invest in a bottle or a reusable water bottle. Whether it is made of glass or stainless steel, the gourd can be kept for a long time and will save you from producing waste. And to take away your dishes, we advise you to bet on the old Japanese bento box, a classic! For your disposable cutlery, there are equivalents that are made of bamboo, which are reusable after cleaning. In addition, they are much prettier and more chic than their plastic counterparts.

Cleaning items in her kitchen

In addition to the kitchen knife, the cutting board, the pastry articles … Many are the equivalents that can be found in his kitchen. Precisely, even on the side of cleaning, you can count on various eco-friendly equipment and design.

To rinse your plates and cutlery, you can use cleaners based on white vinegar, baking soda or Marseille soap. To complete your range of products, you should not forget about common accessories such as sponge or brushes. But you can replace the classic sponge with the Tawashi sponge. It is a sponge made of rope, wool or textile. For brushes, you will replace plastic models with beautiful wooden brushes.

A recipe idea to make your dishwashing liquid

In order to create organic dishwashing liquid, you will need the following ingredients :

  • 50 g of Marseille soap ;
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar ;
  • 10 drops of essential oil of your choice ;
  • 1 liter of water ;
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

You will only have to heat the water in a saucepan and add the soap shavings. Let cool before adding baking soda, vinegar and H.E. Let cool before pouring the mixture into the container.

Have a unique taste experience for your wedding thanks to the caterer

MT : High-end catering service: Serving delicious dishes to its guests

MD: High-end catering service: Whether it’s a private event or a corporate event, the presence of a catering service is important.

A caterer indisputably accompanies all your events, whether private or professional. People turn to caterers for a wedding, birthday, christening, seminar and many other occasions. But you can also use a caterer for a simple family meal and to surprise your guests. Today more than ever, it is almost impossible to do without the services of a caterer. Why? Because the guests pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the dishes.

The design of the restoration thanks to the restorer

During a wedding, the expenses that are related to the meal and the cocktail are very important. So you should not make a mistake when choosing it and you should select the one that will make your guests travel through the ready meals. His mission therefore begins from the development of the menu: from the wine of honor to dessert, he must be able to mix flavors with subtlety and propose unique dishes matching your taste and above all your aspirations.

If at the design of the menu, the caterer can not fill you, you need to find another one. It is necessary to know that the high-end catering service must advise you before and until the end of the reception. You can taste the dishes, sweets and cocktails to give your opinion and to avoid disappointment.

With regard to the wedding cake and the finished piece, you should not hesitate to tell the luxury caterer about your desires and requirements, because after all, it will be the centerpiece of your wedding meal.

The organization of the restoration of your wedding

The high-end caterer must be able to adapt to all situations and various space configurations. If he is used to working in his kitchen, he must do so in all other places, with his equipment or the equipment made available to him. In order not to be caught off guard, he can go to the places of reception before D-Day in order to see how the kitchen is arranged.

Its objective is to make every effort to ensure that the restoration part proceeds smoothly. He must thus mobilise the human, culinary, material and logistical means to make a quality meal and in large quantities.

This link will allow you tolearn more on the high-end catering service.

The realization of your meal

Once the menu is well organized and set up, it’s time for the high-end caterer to move on to its realization on your wedding day. He must ensure that compliance with the specifications on which he committed himself to the future bride and groom. Also, all dishes must be served as they have been validated and tested. The dishes that are prepared in the kitchen must be transported to the wedding hall, following strict hygiene, storage and cold chain rules.

A qualified caterer should put the bride and groom in confidence so that they are not stressed. Its staff must be very effective to managing difficulties during the meal.

The advantages of using a luxury caterer

To benefit from a gourmet cuisine, with quality products, nothing beats calling on a luxury caterer. Depending on the number of guests you want at your wedding, the caterer will set up a menu card, with sweet and savory sweets. A professional in his field, he will offer a whole range of tasty dishes, carefully chosen.

He will also be able to make you benefit from his network of qualified service providers : DJ, photographers … With him, you are sure to be a luxury host.

Ensure the restoration of its major events

A highlight of a reception, catering should not be neglected regardless of the form offered to guests. A not fresh food or an improperly prepared dish is enough to give a person a bad memory of your event.

The importance of catering for its events

Whether it is for professional events (such as company meals or seminars) or private (such as weddings or end-of-year parties), it is around a snack to share that the bonds are forged and the top of the moment of relaxation is launched.


Amuse-bouche, cocktail or buffet, the formulas are numerous and adaptable to your budget to delight the taste buds of your guests. But due to the number of guests, which can sometimes be quite large, you will not always have time to get down to business with this task, especially if you do not have culinary skill. To make your receptions an unforgettable moment with tasty small dishes, you will then have to carry out a catering search.


A catering service will indeed bring you many advantages :

  • the enhancement of fresh products ;
  • less stress for the organization of events ;
  • etc.

However, in order to ensure the qualities of this provider (especially for a wedding), it is recommended to conduct a catering tasting.

Proceed to a tasting of the selected caterer

Selected by recommendation (word of mouth), via specialized site or others, it is advisable to pre-select two or three caterers for the preparation of your event menu. According to your needs, the selected products as well as the added options (D-day service personnel for example), your event catering will provide you with a personalized quote for a turnkey formula.


In order to make sure that your wishes match the services offered by the cook, it is possible to organize a catering tasting. A common practice especially for a wedding reception, this service allows you to appreciate the quality products and the refinement of the caterer before your private reception.


This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the gourmet proposals what your event caterer could do for you for the dietary restrictions of some of your guests: vegan menu, children’s menu or other specificity.


A relationship based on trust and respect

Whether you have decided before your appointment the menu of your event or you are waiting for this assortment tasting to definitively choose the providers who will accompany you for your big day, we have some tips to share with you so that this operation takes place in the best conditions.


The first thing to remember is that a tasting is rarely free, so try to limit the number of people who will come to taste the catering kitchen in preview. It will also be important to specify the number of guests, the amount of each appetizer provided for by the formula, etc.


This festive moment must above all be in your image – valid for individuals and professionals – hence the importance of the right choice of caterer who will be able to offer you a tailor-made service with original and refined dishes if this is your wish. Traditional or gourmet cuisine, the choice upstream of your provider can already be made based on the catering card of the establishment.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the person you will have in front of you is above all human. Although tastes and colors are not discussed, if you have any remarks to make to your caterer, make them constructively.

Practical and environmentally friendly disposable tableware

Whether it’s sales professionals or individuals, the use of disposable items should be done in a thoughtful way. Ecological awareness and changes in the law are leading us towards responsible consumption, gradually abandoning prohibited products.

The challenge of disposable tableware for catering professionals

The ever faster rhythms of life of our modern societies have naturally led to the development of fast food for a meal taken on the go. The sandwich, fast food or other flagship take-away food market has also developed the use of single-use food packaging.


In addition to their usefulness as tableware and the function facilitating the transport of processed food, disposable tableware is customizable and thus makes it possible to mark the brand’s customers more strongly. The packaging of the product being as important as the content, the personalized tumbler (for a take-away drinks sign for example) becomes a advertising tool and therefore should not be neglected.


Straw, tray, plastic cutlery or plastic bottles are all waste that may end up in the oceans. These disposable products therefore have a environmental impact alarm. Fortunately, the ton of waste generated per year by this market has led to the creation of biodegradable, compostable or recyclable products as an alternative to plastic.


The cardboard tumbler to reduce environmental pollution

Among the widely used disposable products, the disposable cup is positioned quite well. With a varied capacity, it allows both to effectively maintain the temperature for hot and cold drinks. Plastic cup or cardboard cup, the second category is gaining momentum at the time of coffee break.


The cardboard cup indeed has many advantages :

  • lighter than the plastic version, it does not bend even when filled ;
  • the customization of the product makes it attractive;
  • the wide range of product available according to the uses: cardboard cup with different layers for its insulating capacity ;
  • less bulky than a mug because it is stackable ;



But the biggest argument in favor of the cardboard cup is the ecological argument. It is reusable. Using a little imagination, a disposable cardboard cup, for example, can be used as a flower pot in the kitchen.

Finally, the cup is recyclable. If the thin layer of plastic present inside the cardboard cups has long made doubt the eco-friendly aspect of the product, recycling companies have now developed a know-how to separate the two materials.


Giving a second life to the recyclable disposable product

The awareness of the life cycle disposable equipment generates a greater commitment to “after” use. It makes it possible to strive for zero waste consumption and when it comes to the environment, there are no small actions.


The example of the diversion of the initial function of the object (goblet in flower pot) is just one example among many. A cardboard plate can be used in plastic arts, a decorated glass to make a table decoration.

The other possibility – if you don’t have the creative fiber – is to recycle. Only one precaution to take to make the cardboard recyclable: empty it before putting it in the sorting bin.

The material can be recycled about ten times before the fiber degrades. Recycled cardboard makes it possible to give life to new food packaging, shoe boxes, furniture or even decorative objects.

Towards the replacement of plastic with cardboard for food packaging

At a time of global warming and other ecological issues, it is no longer possible to ignore the impact of single-use plastic in our daily consumption. Difficult to recycle, rarely biodegradable, it should be preferred to greener materials. Cardboard in all its forms is also the preferred material to replace it.

Problems related to the use of plastic

The first problem raised by the use of tableware and plastic cups is a concern forenvironmental impact. Plastic waste, even when it is recyclable (such as PET for example), still pollutes a lot because it is often thrown into the regular trash can and is only very little recommended for use in catering. And given the constantly growing production of waste, it is essential to change the methods to participate in the energy transition.


The other problem of plastic use concerns the health and the presence of bisphenol in the production of many plastics. This chemical substance poses a real danger to the health of consumers. Although plastics with any trace of bisphenol A are now banned in food packaging, it is often replaced by bisphenol S – the non-toxicity of which has not yet been demonstrated.


Prefer cardboard that can be more easily recycled and that is biodegradable and sometimes even compostable (to simply throw in your compost bin at home). Whether it is produced from bamboo wood or from kraft cardboard, the cardboard tumbler will make you forget about your white or transparent plastic cups.


Cardboard cups suitable for all types of drinks

If we mistakenly think that the offer of cardboard is not as extensive as that of plastic where we have a wide choice among which we find unbreakable plastic and rigid plastic, know that there is also a wide range of cardboard, to name only flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard.


If any kind of cardboard tumbler easily lends itself to the role of containers for cold drinks, for hot drinks it is better to give preference to those made from thick corrugated cardboard. They are usually equipped with a double wall which allows you to handle them easily despite the fact that they contain a hot drink. Most petrol stations, restaurants and fast food outlets offering takeaway coffee have already adopted cardboard.


Fast food is getting on the bandwagon

The world of fast food has long taken into consideration ecological concerns and have followed suit by adopting a eco-responsible approach.  They have indeed reduced their use of plastic by banning the plastic cup in favor of the cardboard cup for their drinks and sodas of all kinds. Another approach taken by the fast food industry is also to abandon the use of plastic straws, to favor the use of cardboard straws that are much more environmentally friendly.


It is therefore important for professionals in the catering and food industry in general to follow this example of fastfoods and participate in these positive movements for the environment and promote the green growth. In addition, being also customizable like their plastic equivalent, it will always be possible for you to have printed cardboard cups.


Unless you have the means to set up a reusable cup system against setpoint, in a growing company, the choice of cardboard cup is the most suitable. And by visiting professionals in the sale of disposable products, you can even save money by choosing models at discount prices but still eco-responsible.

Some tips for building your first wine cellar

The wines of France occupy a central place in the world of wine, Bordeaux wine like pinot noir have an international reputation and are consumed at all the tables of the world. Starting with France, where food and wine pairings are legion both in haute cuisine and in the privacy of homes. That’s why many French people want to build a wine cellar, but when you want to launch, you never really know where to start.

Find a suitable cellar

The first step before you start buying wine for your cellar is to determine the storage conditions, or the cellar proper. If you are lucky enough to have a cellar at home, it can be used as a natural cellar to accommodate your grands crus.


If you don’t have that luxury, there are other solutions. The first is to acquire an electric wine cellar, which is similar to a small refrigerator dedicated to your bottles. The other option is to deposit all the wines with a external warehouse specialized in the storage of wines and spirits.


Trust your usual wine merchant

Once the place of storage has been defined, it will be time to proceed to the purchase of wine, the keystone of the constitution of a cellar. If it is quite possible to go through the large distribution to stock up, it is strongly recommended to visit your wine merchant. The latter, does not just sell wine, he lives a real passion for wine and will pass it on to you.


In addition, if you do not have time to attend oenology courses, it will beexcellent advice – whether to help you find one to accompany your cold cuts or cheeses of the day or to help you find the best wines for your cellar.


Finally, going through a wine shop is also a guarantee to find local wines (from the Rhone Valley to the hillsides of Lyonnais). And, a privilege offered by the wine merchants will give you that you will rarely find in the large distribution – if ever – it is that of the wine tasting in order to refine your choice among the proposed wines.


Vary the bottles in your wine cellar

A good wine cellar is above all a varied cellar, a cellar representative of the wines of the world. Even if France has this chauvinistic reputation, when it comes to wines, there is no harm in opening up to foreign wines (Italian wines are fine wines just as famous as French wines).


It is therefore important to vary your buying habits to always discover new wines. For example, here are some supply channels :

  • Visit directly the grower from wine regions: this will allow you to discover new grape varieties and awaken your taste buds to new aromas ;
  • Going to a wine fair or a wine fair: this kind of event will sometimes allow you to find real treasures ;
  • Auctions: the best way to find old vintages, great wines or crus classés ;
  • Go through the sale of wine on the internet: the advantage of this method will be to find a wide range of wines quickly and easily.


Take pleasure in building up your collection

A tip that seems obvious: unless you start a sommelier conversion or see wine as an investment, the constitution of your cellar must remain a pleasure.


So first choose wines that you like. Do not stop at appellations or trends, compose your cellar with passion, like a wine bar that would constitute its wine list.


Decorate your interior with wood for a warm look

Long associated with a rather country or mountain world, wood offers many possibilities for decoration and landscaping. In all its forms, the wood used sparingly brings both warmth and modernity.

A modern and authentic decoration

Wood is an ideal material to give cachet to your interior, whether to adopt an industrial, Scandinavian or rustic style. We already knew it in the kitchens with the utensils and by small touches for table and wall decoration such as photo frames or other decorative object in driftwood. But it tends to take up more and more space in our interiors.


Classified into several categories according to their density, this quick classification should interest you if you like tailor-made :

  • light woods such as poplar, pine, fir ;
  • the best woods for creating furniture: walnut, teak or birch ;
  • classical woods: oak or ash ;
  • the most resistant over time: acacia, wenge, cedar.


This noble material can therefore be used both on the very construction of your home and in the smallest details of your decoration. Both aesthetic and varied, the essence of the wood chosen will bring you warmth and friendliness.

By the way, the wood reminds of nature and perfectly combines with any style.


Using the wooden tray for large and small decorations

The shades vary depending on the essence of the wood, a solid oak or rosewood top will not have the same color.

In raw or worked wood, round, square or rectangular, coffee table or dining table, the wood is available according to your desires :

  • as a meal tray ;
  • in turntable ;
  • in all-wood furniture ;
  • in wooden tray to be placed on top of the table with metal legs ;
  • made of wooden trestles with a transparent glass top ;
  • etc.


The right choice of furniture helps to give the room a soul. If you are having trouble coordinating the elements, be aware that a table in solid wood is always a good idea. Depending on the atmosphere to be given to your interior, the type of wood to be used will be done by itself. For an effect of light and grandeur, combine light-colored furniture with other pastel-colored elements, and instead favor warm colors for dark woods.


Restoring old furniture to its former glory

Finally, if you like to search for old wood objects or your grandmother bequeathed you her old dining room table or side table, before taking your saw to cut it and fuel your fireplace, try to evaluate the potential of this superb gift.


It is indeed quite possible to customize to make one table design and especially to your taste. If you are not afraid to do a little DIY and you have a creative mind, this mission should please you.

Before repainting or patinating your furniture, you will first need to prepare the wood by starting with sanding, filling any holes with wood paste. Also consider placing a tarpaulin or sheet to protect the floor. You will be able to keep the natural shade of the wood or paint it in the color of your choice by possibly adding stickers to completely makeover it.

Consume quality mineral water for your health

Among the wide choice of water intended for consumption, the mineralized waters are exceptional. Because of their therapeutic properties, it is still important to choose the best mineral water suitable for your body. Find out in the following article our tips for choosing the ideal mineral water according to your needs.

Mineral water and its characteristics

Mineral water is characterized by its natural purity and stable composition and rich in trace elements. According to the Academy of Medicine, this is the only water that has properties that are favorable for the health of the human organism.

Being of underground origin, the natural mineral water is collected in depth from a source that is preserved from human pollution. It therefore does not require any specific treatment before it is bottled at the source. 

Natural spring waters, mineral waters or sparkling mineral waters … All are subject to regular monitoring for ensuring water quality in order to satisfy consumers.


Natural mineral waters: Labels to decrypt

Mineral water has long been considered a medicated water, should be consumed in moderation. It is important to be able to discern the different categories of mineral waters :

  • Mineral water rich in calcium (Ca), with a concentration of more than 120 mg/L, suitable for pregnant women or menopause; It can also cure osteoporosis ;
  • Mineral water rich in sodium, with a concentration of more than 360 mg/L, favorable for digestion by maintaining excellent hydration of the body ;
  • Mineral water rich in sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), with a concentration of more than 600 mg/L, high content in sparkling water, reduces the level of acid in the body, ensures good hydration and reduces muscle fatigue for athletes ;
  • Mineral water rich in magnesium (Mg), with a concentration of more than 56 mg/L, very famous for being an anti-stress and treats constipation; On the other hand, distrust! excessive consumption can cause diarrhea or spasms.

As you may have guessed, you need to know the needs of your body to choose the best suitable mineral water. 

Balancing mineral waters for guaranteed health

Due to their composition, mineral waters should not be consumed excessively. Unbalanced consumption of mineral water can lead to more or less serious disorders for the body. In order to ensuring a better balance, it is essential to take care to vary them frequently. 

For people with kidney stones, the weakly mineralized waters are to be preferred. A daily consumption of at least 2L of water low in minerals ensures a dilution of the urine to prevent it from crystallizing. Then natural spring water may be suitable for this category of people. Similarly, tap water is suitable.

For infants, then it is necessary avoid waters with high mineralization. Natural still water is highly recommended for its neutral and naturally healthy property. 


Is tap water a reliable alternative for consumption?

According to experts, tap water is excellent refreshing drinks. Their small chlorinated flavor comes from the treatment system that is used to eliminate microbes. Although the city water undergoes a specific treatment originally, it does not lose its composition. 

But the tap water is known for its neutrality, that is why it does not have the same virtues as natural mineral waters. 

On the market, a wide selection ofquality mineral water is offered to you. In order to choose the best mineral water, be especially interested in the one that suits your needs with a better value for money. After all, the budget is an important criterion for choosing your ideal water, so as not to have to spend too much money on water consumption.


Satisfy the demands of its customers in terms of takeaway

The vast majority of customers give preference to the purchase of ready-made takeaway food. That is why catering professionals must offer trays to easily transport meals. There are several kinds of them but still it is necessary to make the best choice for the packaging and preservation of food.

The food tray: Essential for take-out

The tray is a disposable food packaging, designed in multiple materials and which is used by catering professionals to simplify the delivery of dishes. This packaging also allows the customer to transport his dishes. There are different sizes and multiple shapes to suit all needs.

If the round food packaging convenient for rapid cooling of food, square or rectangular packaging makes it possible to optimize storage space.

As for the size, prefer small trays for children’s menus, and quite spacious models for home delivery.

The best food trays for packaging dishes

In the catering and fast food sector, there is a wide choice of trays. If most of them are made of plastic, others decide to opt for eco-design.

Cardboard trays: Biodegradable and design

This eco-friendly trays are increasingly used in the food field. With the rise of the nature conservation and from ecology, the use of cardboard is experiencing a sharp increase. It is a biodegradable material therefore, not harmful to the environment. In addition, it has anti-fat properties.

The kraft cardboard used is suitable for food contact. For fatty products like donuts or French fries, this type of tray is the must! Why? Because it keeps the crispness of the preparations. On the contrary, plastic trays tend to soften the fries.

The aluminum tray: To keep food warm

The single-use aluminum tray is perfect for transporting and storing dishes. Light, malleable and resistant, it allows ready meals to stay warm the whole way. This is the type of packaging that is indispensable in fast food and can even be used as a “doggy bag” in classic restaurants.

The plastic food tray: A multifunctional airtight packaging

The plastic food tray is the ideal packaging because it combines lightness and solidity. A polypropylene tray for example (PP plastic) keeps your dish at room temperature. In addition, it is suitable for the microwave.

It can also be used for service of cold dishes like salads, or sushi. It is possible to order them with a transparent lid or not, so that the customer has a clear view of the contents.

The plastic tray can even have one compartment or several, depending on the dishes; and can be heat sealable.

You can combine your tray with disposable tableware such as cutlery, disposable cup and paper towels. It is more convenient for customers who eat on the go!

The wooden tray: Without endocrine disruptors or harmful substances

Ecological issues require restaurateurs to use compostable, recyclable or reusable utensils. Wooden trays meet all these criteria.

For professionals in the sector, it is a natural packaging made to protect and enhance food products. At the level of presentation, it confers a contemporary design that will seduce any customer.

The wooden trays can be sealed and used for cooking or reheating certain dishes!

In addition, the wood is also used to make other utensils such as plates, pots, bowls, trays or cutlery.

The advantages of the food tray

The food tray is available in several shapes: square, round, oblong, rectangular … thus simplifying its adaptation to all uses and various food conditions. It can be with an independent lid or with a hinge. For hot or cold storage, it has multiple advantages :

  • Microwave compatibility

The tray, whether plastic, PLA or bamboo, is designed in complying with all sanitary standards both for Man and the planet. Some models are even suitable for use in the microwave, without health risks.

  • Adaptability to cold

Basic, the food tray is suitable for all cold preparations. It can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer with your dishes.

The tray is also used to keep your food warm. Wherever you go, you are sure to enjoy your dishes.

  • Indispensable in the restaurant

The tray is a very practical item in a restaurant. It simplifies the conservation of foodstuffs as well as their flavor.

It is even a must for food delivery and takeaway sales.

  • A better taste experience

In order to guarantee an excellent taste experience to customers, it is essential to offer superior quality equipment, especially for food packaging. The tray meets strict criteria in terms of transport and from storage.

It is possible to add greaseproof paper for greasy dishes, to choose a charcuterie tray for French fries or to add a transparent lid for sushi.

  • Various materials available

The food tray is available in several models: the plastic tray, the PET tray, the bamboo tray, palm or sugarcane pulp.

The trays designed in natural materials are recyclable and biodegradable. It will therefore not pollute the environment.

For plastic, it is the PLA that will replace it because it is much healthier.

Make the choice of a disposable tableware for her festivities!

To decorate a festive table, plastic tableware was the choice of many people. However, it is harmful to the environment. In order to reduce this scourge, the law on the energy transition estimates that by 2020, discount disposable tableware must be at least 50% compostable or bio-sourced! But what are the advantages of using these eco-friendly packaging?

Making the choice of biodegradable and eco-friendly tableware

Disposable plastic products have a lot of disadvantages compared to biodegradable disposable tableware. Why? Because plastic comes from petrochemicals and leads to the creation of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable waste, which is especially harmful to our environment. Beyond that, the use of plastic can have repercussions on health, due to the transfer of chemical substances to the food we consume or the drinks we drink.

A healthier and environmentally friendly alternative is the use of biodegradable or reusable disposable product. For appetizers, receptions and for parties in general (baptism, wedding table, birthdays), there is a wide choice of materials, which you can find in different colors :

  • There cardboard tableware available in the form of pizza boxes, cardboard cups, or cardboard plates ;
  • Plates, trays, straws, and cutlery made of polystyrene, in polypropylene or in PET;
  • Trays, meal trays, bowls, glassware or plates made of PLA and suitable for food contact for cold food ;
  • There discount tableware made of wood or bamboosuitable for microwave and available in different forms ;
  • Disposable cutlery and square or round plates, in sugarcane pulp or in bagasse, respectful of the law on green growth.

A whole assortment of disposable tableware: convenient for any festive event

The purpose of discount disposable tableware is to avoid any complicated logistics at the venue of your event. Do you have a lot of guests? Do you want to have a unique table decoration? For your picnics, your cocktail party, your wedding or your birthday, you can ask your caterers to provide a disposable tableware !

You will no longer have to worry about theft or breakage of glassware, as well as the risk of injury. In addition, in areas where access to washing cannot be guaranteed, the choice of a eco-friendly disposable tableware is a great asset. Even at home, to cope with improvised meals, and at Sunday family aperitifs, disposable small plates are perfect! They also have the advantage of being combined with table runners and tablecloths of the same material for a unique table decoration!

After the festivities or meals are over, it will only be enough to put the disposable dishes in the trash, in the selective sorting bin or in the composter.

Disposable tableware: economical for professionals and individuals

The choice of disposable dishes can also be economic. Indeed, not all of us have a cupboard full of fifty or even a hundred cutlery to receive our guests. With a disposable tableware, no need for a big investment to have a good time with loved ones and set a beautiful table. It allows to vary styles since it is no longer limited to the classic white-colored dishes!

As professionals, the choice of disposable tableware at a low price is also an important plus of the budget. The cost of dishes as well as its processing will be more affordable and will allow to focus on other aspects of the festivities!